symfony2 SQLLoger memory leak problem

recently i have problem when i trying to import a large text file(about 80M)into database by Doctrine and symfony2. Well, i always got a "out of memory" exception. After some searching job, i found this:

Commands are run in prod env by default but have debug enabled, it's 
different than the app.php that is prod but where debug is 
disabled ... 

So using "php app/console xxx:xxx --no-debug" fixed the leaks because 
there was no more SQLLogger. 

An other solution was to use inside my Command: 
$configuration = $this->em->getConnection()->getConfiguration(); 

and the answer is this;

Disabling the logger is the only solution.
its probably not very useful to have the logger enabled in console aswell, but i dont see an immediate solution to fixing this.
You can of course do $em->getconfiguration()->setSQLLogger(null); in the command
So well there is no way to do it in a dev environment. except diable the log in the controller.