property not found error

As far as I can tell there's a problem here, because any call to app/console initialises the container, which warms up Proxies (unless cache is primed), which depends on ORM metadata. Let say you switch branches and want to clear cache/metadata by calling app/console cache:clear or doctrine:cache:clear-metadata, that will result in ReflectionException if cached metadata no longer matches entities. I tried to finds ways around it and clarify it on IRC with no luck, so I'm raising this as a potential bug.

this is a bug report, and today i got a similar one.

après la mise à jour de nouveau, le module modération ne fonction plus,
operation pour la mise à jour:
composer dump-autoload --optimize
php app/console assets:install
php app/console assetic:dump --no-debug
svn commit
sur serveur:
rm app/cache/prod -rf
il ne trouve pas le factory, donc,
php app/console cache:warmup
Property Acme\ModerationBundle\Entity\TAnnonces::$postCodeId does not exist" at /home/admin/vendor/doctrine/common/lib/Doctrine/Common/Persistence/Mapping/RuntimeReflectionService.php line 74
visiblement relie avec la modification pour afficher le nom du ville,
j'ai enelever la porpiéte postCodeId, mais considère comme une entity de codep.
j'ai tester l'environement du prod sur le serveur de test, passe.
sur l'environement du test sur le serveur de test, passe.

well this problem is gone after i restart the php-fpm mother process. Well , even i cleared several times of the apc cache.