move in vim

e Move to the end of a word.
w Move forward to the beginning of a word.
3w Move forward three words.
b Move backward to the beginning of a word.
3b Move backward three words.
$ Move to the end of the line.
0 Move to the beginning of the line.
 ^ Move to the first non-blank character of the line.
) Jump forward one sentence.
 ( Jump backward one sentence.
} Jump forward one paragraph.
{ Jump backward one paragraph.
H Jump to the top of the screen.
M Jump to the middle of the screen.
L Jump to the bottom of the screen.
10 or 10 Move 10 pages up.
 5 or 5 Move 5 pages down. 
G Jump to end of file. 
1G Jump to beginning of file (same as gg). 
50G Jump to line 50.
 'm Jump to the beginning of the line of mark m. 
`m Jump to the cursor position of mark m. 
'' Return to the line where the cursor was before the latest jump.
 (Two single quotes.) `` Return to the cursor position before the latest jump 
(undo the jump).
 (Two back ticks. This is above the Tab key on some keyboards.
) % Jump to corresponding item, e.g. from an open brace to its matching closing brace.