wao wao wao. lenon is right!!

The following is some words from a blog:

 Lennon is right. The key to life is happiness, but what makes you happy can be completely different from what makes me or anyone else on this planet happy. I found my passion in life: photography. I love it! I’ve had a great ride in my 22 plus years (so far) and I have never regretted my choice. Specifically, most of my life I have been a photojournalist. For the last two years I’ve been a freelance photographer. Hampton Brooks, what do you love? Is it sports? Science? Movies? I can’t help but marvel at Quinten Tarantino who worked as a video store clerk because he loved movies. He was able to watch thousands of movies and later became a director because it was his passion. Follow your passion and it will lead to happiness. If your passion is sitting in front of a TV playing video games, how about a job in that world? Would it be cool to get paid to be a game tester? Whatever your passion is, find a way to make it a career. If no career exists, find a way to create one.

well, i do not think i need to translate it. the guy give me a good advice.